The success of a trade fair

What's the goal of a trade fair company

The key figures and objectives of a trade fair company can be divided into three sub-areas.


Performance targets

Exhibitor and visitor numbers


Financial targets

Profit and revenue


Competitive targets

Foreign participation

Just like a traditional company, a trade fair company must generate revenues and profits in order to survive. In meeting these requirements, they have different options. On the one hand, they can organise their own trade fairs, acquire exhibitors and attract visitors to the exhibition halls. In this case, they can profit both from renting exhibitor space and from collecting admission fees. But the challenge here is always to convince exhibitors and visitors.

On the other hand, they can rent out their exhibition hall, which represents the greatest capital of an exhibition, and make it available to a third institution for their event. Of course, this has the advantage that the organizational effort is reduced to a minimum. In this case, the expenditure on the contract as well as the coordination with a person or institution can be minimized.

The factor ''awareness'' or ''market coverage'' is a very important point, especially for a trade fair company. If a trade fair manages to achieve the status that it attracts not only national but also more international visitors, a larger market can be addressed, and higher revenues can be achieved. New cooperations with service providers such as hotels, transport companies or restaurants are emerging.

What are the success factors at your own trade fairs?

According to a study by Event Manager Blog, the three biggest challenges of a trade fair are finding events within the prescribed budget, sponsors and exhibitors and generating a satisfactory number of participants. However, as mentioned earlier, the question of budget is additionally influenced by the acquisition of visitors, exhibitors and sponsors.

Challenges for trade fairs 2018
Challenges for trade fairs 2018

At our own trade fairs visitors, exhibitors and partners can be referred as customers. These three pillars are decisive for success. Connecting these three parties is an essential part of marketing and only leads to success when everyone is satisfied. Conversely, this means that a trade fair is only successful if customers are understood and addressed in a targeted manner

What do visitors, partners and exhibitors of my fair want?

The answer seems so simple: They want to do business. The exhibitor wants to sell their products, while the visitor wants to choose the best offer. But if you take a closer look at this statement, you will see the complexity. The format of a trade fair, where supply (exhibitors) and demand (visitors) meet, already exists in abundance on the market. Whether it's the website of the supplier, webinar offers or other events. So what causes the customer to participate in the fair and not to use any of the other formats? How do I attract the interest of the visitor or the exhibitor, although I know that any other platform is likely to generate less effort and therefore offer a better ROI?

Deliver the exhibitor and the visitor added value, they don't get on the other platforms!

That's how you make your exhibitor and sponsor happy:

That's how you make your visitor happy:

eventbaxx - digital trade fair bag
eventbaxx - digital trade fair bag

How do I expand the target group of my trade fair?

Most visitors of a trade fair are residents of the country in which the trade fair takes place. The aim, however, as described above, is to expand its target group so that lucrative partnerships can be established. Once this has been achieved, the first step has been taken to make a name for oneself internationally.

In addition to the general motivations of visitors mentioned above, it is important for trade fair organizers to identify the factor that determines the marketing of the event and influences the advertising and communication campaign in order to attract foreign participants. International trade is dynamic and its players are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities of business development and are striving to find new suitable ways. If you manage to position the trade fair as the leading trade fair on a certain topic, international visitors will not be absent either.

As the explanations clearly show, the needs of both parties influence each other. The exhibitor wants the right target group, which also earns him money in the best possible way. The visitor wants all the suppliers in one place that he can compare. There is a constant interaction between exhibitors, visitors and trade fair organizers. This poses enormous challenges which can influence the success of the trade fair if one of the parties is not convinced.

Dependencies between organizer, exhibitor and visitor
Dependencies between organizer, exhibitor and visitor

The trade fair company as a service provider for other organizers

Here it goes without saying that the expenditure is significantly reduced. It is primarily a matter of negotiating the contract between the trade fair company and the organizer. In most cases, these are already prefabricated contracts that allow only minimal changes. But also here it says: Offer your organizer something he won't get at other fairs. Be it the connection, the size, the layout or even an innovative public image. The industry has the taste of being outdated and not allowing any innovations. Offer the organizer and his exhibitors' new ideas, such as event apps, new room concepts, interactive visitor guidance and so on. Read more about this in our article on trade fair marketing.