Digital Goodie Bags for Conferences

How do I attract visitors to my conference? How can I enchant visitors at my conference? How do I convince exhibitors and partners to attend my conference?

These are all questions that organizers of conferences ask themselves. One way to satisfy visitors, partners and exhibitors is the use of Goodie Bags. Goodie Bags are physical bags that each conference attendee receives from the organizer at the beginning of an event. They include flyers of the event, as well as the conference program or information for the event in the following year inside. In most cases, partners and exhibitors also have the option of storing their content in the conference bag. In return, visitors benefit from the latest information and goodies at the partner stands.

The question is, however, how many flyers are actually perceived as relevant and how many end up in the trash? Apart from that, the partners and sponsors cannot understand how high the ROI of their action is.

How sustainable are physical goodie bags?

Around 80% of the flyers and giveaways used in the conference bags are thrown away. This cannot be described as a sustainable measure. The trade fair and conference industry is one of today's largest waste producers. In 2012 even 600,000 tons of paper waste were produced at events.

In addition, the organizer can only name the number of distributed Goodie Bags. Impressions or even a ROI cannot be determined with the physical conference bag.

Digital Goodie Bags

But why, at a time when digitization is booming, do we rely on physical goodie bags to bring partners and visitors together? There are already digital solutions to master this challenge while receiving clear evaluations. eventbaxx is one of the digital solutions for physical Goodie Bags. In contrast to the classic conference bags, the virtual Goodie Bags provide all content digitally on a micro site. This makes it very easy to carry out analyses by using cookies and transmitting them to the partners.

Digital Goodie Bag eventbaxx
Digital Goodie Bag eventbaxx

What is the difference between a classic and digital goodie bag?

Physical goodie bag


High costs

The printing of flyers, brochures or the production of product samples is expensive



Sell slots for high quality coupons to partners and sponsors.


Time consuming

Packing and preparing physical goodie bags does take a lot of time and nerves.


Time saving

You can set up the content of your digital goodie bag in a few steps.


No image fit

Does not represent in any way the lively atmosphere of your event.


Uniform communication

Connect your event as well as your partners and sponsors with your participants and monitor all communications.



Your participants carry a heavy bag with them all the time, so they are quickly annoyed and tend to throw it away.



Participants can view your content from any device before, during, and after the event.


Lack of actuality

You only present conventional advertising messages on paper that are quickly outdated.


Up-to-date contents

Rich media such as videos, photos, and even Google Maps allow content to be presented individually and accessed digitally at any time.


No reports

There is no way for your partners to calculate their Return on Investment (ROI).



With our comprehensive report you can precisely determine the ROI of your eventbaxx.

Ideas for the content of the digital Goodie Bag

This raises the question of what an exhibitor or partner 'puts in' his digital goodie bag? Can physical goodies such as a drink or USB sticks also be stored here? Of course, this question can only be answered in the negative. However, it can be pointed out where this drink or another goodie can be collected. This also increases the traffic at the stand. Coupons can be redeemed and prizes distributed.

That's how a digital goodie bag can look like:

Digital Goodie Bag at a conference
Digital Goodie Bag at a conference

What are the use cases of digital Goodie Bags?

The areas of application are not limited to a specific industry or type of event. They can be used for every conceivable event. Be it conferences, trade fairs, workshops or endurance events, each of them can use digital goodie bags - the use cases may be different. Endurance events use them as virtual starter bags, which are sent to each participant in advance and contain all important information and coupons for free drinks. Conferences also use the digital Goodie Bag more frequently in the follow-up to provide videos of the presentations or slides. It is also often used as a medium of communication between sponsors and attendees. They are intended to provide an additional channel for partners and sponsors.

How to create a digital Goodie Bag?

eventbaxx offers ready-made templates, which only have to be filled out and tailored to your own event:

Create a Coupon in eventbaxx
Create a Coupon in eventbaxx

Digital Goodie Bags for conferences - why they are an enrichment

For the organizer of a conference, the biggest challenge is to make all parties happy. The previously explained digital Goodie Bag manages to connect the conference visitors, the exhibitors, partners, sponsors and the organizer on a digital platform.

Connection of organizers, partner and sponsors with attendees
Connection of organizers, partner and sponsors with attendees

Organizer // partners and sponsors:

Organizer // attendees:

Partners and sponsors // attendees: